COBERFER – CONSTRUÇÕES, SA is a company located in the central area of Portugal (Leiria) dedicated to the field of civil construction in general, in which it stands out for the excellence of structures, roofs and metallic coatings of medium and high complexity. It contains a multidisciplinary team in order to guarantee integrated solutions adjusted to the needs of its customers.

Therefore, COBERFER – CONSTRUÇÕES, SA., has great respect for the protection of the personal data of its clients and users. By visiting this website ( you will not need to register to enjoy all its functions.

These guidelines serve to inform the user of how personal data are collected, stored and used.


Estrada Nacional 356 n.° 91

2405-009 Maceira – Leiria, Portugal 


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COBERFER – CONSTRUÇÕES, SA. is responsible for all data entered by the user, via email or through this platform, to make the request for additional information. According to article 10 of Law 67/98, of 26/10, which refers to the security conditions related to the collection of information in open networks, ensuring that all employees involved in data processing are covered by the duty of confidentiality and confidentiality.

All existing personal data from the company’s various computer systems and databases were collected through contractual relationships and professional interventions with its customers. The use is essentially for the purposes presented above.

You may at any time deem it appropriate to revoke or change your personal data from our databases, provided that you express this wish by email to
Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RPGD) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 27 April 2016 establishing and standardizing the processing and protection of personal data is one of the major priorities of this brand.

We guarantee that your personal data may not be transmitted or marketed to another company. However, we cannot safeguard the confidentiality of all data used in email correspondence, as it is essential for the normal operation of the company.

The retention of your personal data will be held for the period necessary to provide services, invoices and fulfillment of obligations.


  • Name: Essential for identification of the holder of the order;
  • Address: Essential to identify the destination of the order;
  • NIF: Essential for handling all documentation;
  • Email: Essential for correspondence to understand customer needs and additional information;
  • Contact: Essential to contact customer for further clarification.


Collection of the customer’s personal data will only be performed when the customer explicitly gives his consent. Its management and treatment is for the purposes presented above.


In accordance with the law, it is provided that the user has the right to have access to the updating and rectification of their personal data, as well as the right of their processing.


All content, images and videos on this website were produced internally or using a third party company. It is essential to reflect that any modifications or full copies of this website will be objectionable. Thus, COBERFER – CONSTRUÇÕES, SA is fully protected by Portuguese and international law on data protection, copyright protection and intellectual property protection.

If a full or partial copy of this website is found, COBERFER – CONSTRUÇÕES, SA., will use all available means and tools to condemn the infringements. In addition, it reserves the right not to accept third party campaigns or advertisements.

In addition, this company may use the right to modify any text, images or videos on the website, as it deems appropriate or desirable.


The system of links being used on the website (internal and external links) aims to facilitate and improve navigation and better direct the user to what they need. This company cannot assume any liability whatsoever for problems arising from external links.


COBERFER – CONSTRUÇÕES, SA., has always developed and will continue to develop means to protect its customers’ personal data to prevent leakage or misuse. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your computer is adequately protected against harmful software, computer viruses or worms.